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Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service in Palmer, ON

For obvious reasons, it’s important that all the wheels on your vehicle are oriented correctly. When your wheels are aligned just right, you can enjoy an efficient and smooth ride. But wheels often become misaligned for a variety of reasons and then that smooth ride deteriorates.

If you’re concerned that your wheels might be misaligned, you may be searching, “Tire alignment near Palmer”, “How do wheels get misaligned?”, “Wheel alignment service GTA”, or something similar. SWC Automotive can help. Here’s some important information on wheel and tire alignments.

“Can I get tire alignment near me in Palmer, Ontario?”

You can if you come to SWC Automotive. We offer several different wheels and tire services, including alignment. But what are the benefits of a wheel alignment and when do you need one?

What causes wheels to become misaligned?

Because wheels are not fixed, they’re subject to a lot of oscillation and movement, beyond the obvious forward and backward turning. This movement means that wheels, tires, axles, and driveshafts can all be jostled out of position. Misalignment means that not all of your wheels are calibrated properly. Even a small misalignment can cause a significant drop in efficiency. Misalignment can also affect steering, which means it can be a safety hazard.

The majority of misalignments are caused by gradual wear and tear. Driving over potholes and unpaved roads can contribute to misalignments, as can major and minor collisions. In the case of a big crash, an alignment will likely be one of several necessary repairs. However, alignment checks are good preventative maintenance steps for those more gradual changes that occur.

What can you do to avoid misalignments?

There’s not a great deal you can do to avoid misalignments because wheels naturally drift out of position over time. You can reduce the likelihood of a misalignment by avoiding potholes as much as possible and by not driving on all-season tires for over an entire year. Also, don’t ignore potential signs of misalignment, just as you shouldn’t ignore your check engine light. If you’ve noticed your steering wheel pulling to one side, you should come to SWC Automotive to have an alignment assessment.

Misalignments can cause uneven tire wear, thus reducing tread life. To prevent misalignments, it may be wise to have your suspension and wheels checked for an imbalance whenever you have new tires installed, balanced, and/or rotated.

What does a wheel alignment accomplish?

At SWC Automotive, our alignment services include caster adjustments, axle repairs, and preventive maintenance. To check that your steering is functioning correctly, we can inspect the mechanical and electronic functions of your steering.

Our aligner accurately measures the position and orientation of each wheel for both 2-wheel alignments and 4-wheel alignments. We can check that both your front wheels and rear wheels are correctly aligned. The technicians at SWC Automotive are always tremendously careful to avoid damaging our clients’ vehicles in any way. When performing an alignment, we take special care to avoid rim damage. That’s why we use a state-of-the-art aligner with spring-loaded arms to grip the tire.

Make SWC Automotive your alignment shop in Palmer, ON

There’s no need to keep searching for a tire alignment near you. Just come to SWC Automotive in Palmer and we’ll have your wheels aligned properly once again. To book an appointment for a wheel alignment, for any other type of service, please click here, or you can reach us via our website or by calling 905-637-4300

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