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Tire Services in Milton, ON

Tire Services

Unless your vehicle has experienced something quite disastrous, the tires are the only parts that touch the road. This means they go through a lot, so you are going to need a fair amount of tire services over the lifespan of your vehicle. That’s why it is important to find an auto shop that can provide all the tire services you need.

If you’ve been searching, “Tire services near Milton”, “What does tire rotation do?”, “All-weather tires Ontario”, or something similar, we can help. At SWC Automotive, we are dedicated to ensuring the drivers of Milton have the tires they need. Here’s what you should know about tire services.

“Where can I find tire service near me?

You already have! SWC Automotive offers a wide range of tire services to drivers in the Milton area of Ontario. But what tire services are you likely to need? And what do these different tire services accomplish?

SWC Automotive’s tire service options

At SWC Automotive, we can service your tires, wheels, axles, driveshaft, and other parts of your vehicle. But tires require special attention. One reason is because your tires are constantly carrying the mass of your vehicle. Another reason is because they undergo a tremendous amount of friction from rolling over and braking on asphalt.

Tires need more routine maintenance and service than many other parts of your vehicle. But with SWC Automotive looking after your tires, you don’t need to worry. We offer a complete set of tire services, including:

Tire Installation

At SWC Automotive, we sell a wide range of different tire brands. If you are unsure which model of tire is best for your vehicle, driving style, or a given season, we can help you make the best choice. After you have decided on which tires you want, we will install them for you. We offer precise and quick tire installation.

Tire Rotation

Your vehicle’s mass is never completely evenly distributed on to all four tires. With most vehicles, the engine is at the front, so those tires carry more weight than the back ones do. It is wise to get your tires rotated to avoid some wearing out faster than others. Significantly uneven tire wear can be a symptom of misaligned wheels or a suspension issue.

Tire Balancing

The technicians at SWC Automotive can mount your vehicle’s tires and wheels on to a machine that measures how balanced they are. If we find an imbalance, we can correct it. We do this by installing tire weights. This also helps to avoid uneven tire wear.

Wheel Alignment

Wheels can become misaligned for a variety of reasons, from big collisions to general wear and tear. Misaligned wheels impede your steering and can even be a safety hazard. When we properly align your wheels, you will enjoy a smoother, safer, and more efficient drive.

Make SWC Automotive your tire service centre in Milton

There is no need to keep searching for tire service near you. Just come to SWC Automotive. To book an appointment for tire service, or for any other type of automotive service, please click here. You can also contact us through our website or by phone at 905-637-4300

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