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Summer Tires and Performance Tires

Summer Tires and Performance Tires in Hamilton, ON

When the sun starts to shine more and the roads heat up, you might not want to be driving on all-weather tires, and certainly not on winter tires. But what type of tire should you choose for warm weather? How about summer tires?

If you’re interested in summer tires, you might be searching, “High-performance summer tires GTA”, “Are summer tires necessary in Canada?”, “Summer tire sale Hamilton, ON”, or something similar. If that’s the case, we at Service With Care Automotive can help. Here’s what you need to know about summer tires.

“Can I buy summer tires for sale near me in Hamilton, Ontario?”

You can buy summer tires in Hamilton. At SWC Automotive, we sell a range of tires suitable for different vehicles and different seasons and different driving styles. This includes high-performing summer tires. But are summer tires the right choice for your vehicle and driving preferences?

What’s special about summer tires?

Summer tires are specially designed to perform on extremely hot and dry pavement. Vehicles with summer tires can provide more agility when driving in the summer months, they also handle better at higher speeds. These tires also improve your braking and cornering in the heat.

Summer tires are made of specialized rubber compounds and have unique tread patterns. These tread designs have reduced grooving,which means more rubber is in contact with the surface of the road at any given point in the wheel’s rotation. The upside of this is an increased ability to grip the asphalt.

Summer tires are also more flexible, further increasing traction and grip. The tread is shallower, so it’s more stable in extreme situations. Other tires can easily lose their grip on hot, dry roads. But summer tires maintain their grip even on sunny July afternoons.

The benefits of summer tires

Summer tires can increase fuel efficiency in the summertime. Many drivers use summer tires, but it comes down to personal preference. While winter or all-weather tires are necessary in winter, summer tires aren’t necessary for safety reasons. From late autumn until spring, you really need snow tires because they’re the only ones that offer the handling, braking, and safety you need on cold and icy roads. Winter tires are a safety issue.

While all-season tires aren’t suitable for winter driving, they’re perfectly safe for summertime, so you don’t need summer tires to keep your vehicle safe (though there may be some minor safety benefits).

Summer tires are preferred by drivers who want the best performance possible out of their vehicles. If you’re somebody who enjoys the practice of driving, high-performing summer tires can give you maximum control over your vehicle.

There are different types of summer tires, though, so it’s crucial to buy tires that comply with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended size, speed rating, and load capacity. The tire experts at SWC Automotive can help. We can recommend which summer tires are good options for your vehicle and your driving preferences.

Make SWC Automotive your summer tire dealer in Hamilton, ON

There’s no need to keep searching for summer tires for sale near you, just come to SWC Automotive in Hamilton. To book an appointment to have summer tires installed on your vehicle, or for any other type of service, please click here. You can also contact us through our website or by phone at 905-637-4300

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