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Battery Service in Burlington, ON

Battery Service

All You Need to Know About Battery Services for Your Car

How often do you check your car battery? Not that often, probably. Overlooking your car battery replacement can get you in serious trouble because when your car battery isn’t in good condition, it will discharge faster, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere or an empty parking lot. Once your battery has no more energy, your only solution is to call someone to help you recharge it or spend hundreds of dollars for a mechanic to come to your location and perform a car battery replacement. Both solutions can be time consuming, so your best bet is to give your vehicle battery the same care you give to the other components of your car, like the engine or brakes.

When your battery is in bad condition, it can be a struggle starting your car.  You should get it checked every once in a while, to be at peace of mind. We advise constantly checking your battery routinely at a good auto repair shop, but there are some things you can check out yourself to see if you need a car battery replacement.

One of them is to check your battery’s expiration date because automotive batteries are stamped with an expiration date outlining their battery life before leaving the manufacturing plant. You should obviously never drive your car with an expired battery, as it is only a matter of time before it completely loses its ability to hold a charge. Also, some drivers have had the issue of an improper battery equipped on their vehicle. This is a common issue when dealing with unprofessional auto repair shops. Not every car uses the same type of battery. Not only do batteries have different amperage ratings, but they also come in various sizes. Getting the wrong battery for your vehicle can leave you stranded and damage your car’s whole charging system.

What to look for in a Battery

One last thing you can do is inspect your battery externally. Look for any signs of corrosion, as old batteries tend to have a buildup of acid, making your vehicle difficult to start. Battery terminals must be clean at all times, and in case you see your battery’s cables worn out, you must replace them immediately. Lastly, after your inspection, you can apply a thin layer of dielectric grease around the terminals to prevent future oxidation and acid buildup.

If you want to ensure your battery is working at 100% capacity, your best bet is to take your car to a professional car repair shop in Burlington, like SWC Auto, to perform a car battery replacement.

SWC Auto in Burlington has been in the business for more than 20 years and has helped hundreds of happy clients maintain their vehicles. We have a team of experienced technicians who will ensure that your car battery replacement is done correctly. Don’t overlook one of the most critical components of your car, and get your car battery replaced when necessary to avoid future troubles.

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