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SWC Auto Oil Change Service in Milton, ON

An oil change is a process of replacing used oil in your engine with new, clean oil. Oil degrades and becomes dirty over time. Because of these factors, oil becomes much less slippery and less effective at lubricating engine parts. That is why it is critical to change your oil every 5,000 kilometers or according to your owner’s manual specifications.If you’re looking for an auto repair shop in Milton, look no further than SWC, our customer service focused team is here to help.

Auto Oil Change Service Near Me

Conducting an oil change

At SWC Auto we conduct routine oil changes so frequently that our team members have it down to a science. We remove your drain plug and oil filter allowing the dirty oil to drain from the vehicle. Once fully drained we will reapply the plug and a fresh filter replacement. We will then refill your vehicle with fresh oil and get you back on the road.

Conducting oil changes at the proper service intervals has many benefits including increasing engine efficiency, and reducing vehicle emissions.

Engine Efficiency

Nothing beats fresh oil for achieving peak engine performance. Engines contain numerous parts that move at high speeds. These moving parts cause friction, which generates heat.

If you change your oil on a regular basis, your car will be properly lubricated, reducing the amount of heat produced by the engine. Oil changes also remove dirt and debris from your engine, which causes it to run slower. If your engine overheats due to old oil, it will eventually wear down and stop working properly.

Reduce Emissions That Cause Harm

An important step to becoming an environmentally conscious driver is scheduling regular oil changes. An engine’s noxious emissions can be caused by a lack of oil changes. Regular oil changes reduce your car’s carbon footprint because new oil burns more efficiently than old oil. Do your part to keep our skies clear by scheduling regular oil changes.

“What oil is right for my vehicle?”

There is a great debate between using conventional or synthetic oil. While conventional oil will provide adequate lubrication to your engine, synthetic oil can provide additional benefits to your vehicle including:

  • Keeping your engine cleaner
  • Providing protection in extreme temperatures
  • Providing more protection again engine wear and tear

“Why is my car’s oil so dark?”

The colour of clean oil is amber, and it is slightly translucent. As it is used, it fills up with particles collected from the engine and darkens.

When this begins, it will not be obvious, so you must be proactive and check your engine oil at least once a month. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean before replacing it in the oil tank. Now take it out again. If the dipstick cannot be seen through the oil, it is time for an oil change.

“Why is my muffler smoking?”

There will always be a small amount of clear vapour coming out of the tailpipe of your vehicle; however, if this vapour changes into smoke, it is time to have your engine inspected. It’s possible that some of the engine’s parts are broken or that there’s an oil leak. If you notice this happening to your car, schedule an appointment online or visit us at 1425 Grahams Ln, Burlington, ON L7S1W4, CA.

When to book an oil change appointment in Milton, ON

The ideal intervals for oil change bookings changes based on your make and model so the best place to check is your owner’s manual; however, a good baseline to consider is every 5,000km. It can also be beneficial to book oil changes with other auto services such as a tire rotation or changeover.

Seeing the oil light turn on can be very annoying; however, seeing the check engine light can be worse. Not only can it cost you much more down the line if you don’t get it checked out, but it can also jeopardize your and your family’s safety. Extend the life of your vehicle by reaching out to SWC automotive, schedule an appointment on our website or visit us at 1425 Grahams Ln, Burlington, ON L7S1W4, CA

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