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Quick and Easy Inspections for Your Road Trip

Road Trip Inspections

Our quick and easy road trip ready inspection list:

Here are some of the most critical items you need to inspect before heading out on your road trip. This will assist in a smooth, stress-free trip.

1. Brakes

Apply your brakes. Do you hear any strange noises? Does tapping the pedal feel different? Does it take a long distance to come to a complete stop?

If you have experienced any of these issues, you need to have your brakes looked at as soon as possible to avoid any concerns. Our licensed technicians can assist you with minor concerns like topping up your brake fluid or more complicated services like replacing brake pads or rotors when they are worn out or near their end of usefulness.

2. Tires

Inspect your car’s tires (including the spare tire) to ensure that they are inflated to the correct pressure levels and that there is no signs of damage to any areas. If you’re packing a heavy load or expecting a change of weather, keep that in mind when choosing tire pressure. While you’re checking the spare tire, be sure to check if you have all the tools you need to change a tire (including an emergency triangle, tire wrench, a car jack and a flashlight).

The correct tire pressures that should be used for your tires are not on the tire itself, but located on a sticker usually placed either in the drivers side door area, or the gas cap door.

3. Battery

Having a battery fail on you during a road trip can be annoying and also unsafe. Make sure to check your battery to ensure that it is in good working order and that the connectors are free of any corrosion and damage. If you’ve got any battery troubles or concerns, we can assist you with advice on the best replacement.

4. Wipers, lights and electronics

Test your front and rear wipers, lights and other electronics in your car. Check that all the windows do move freely and completely. Use and test your horn to hear if it is audible and functioning correctly. If your wipers or headlight bulbs need replacement, you can call us at SWC Automotive to have those properly taken care of before your road trip.

5. Hoses, belts, fluids and filters

Visually inspect the systems under your hood that use hoses, belts, and filters to look for any damage like cracking of components or leaking fluids. Check that all fluids are topped up and level, including engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windshield washer / wiper fluid. If you’re unsure of any of these parts or have noticed any damage or concerns, you can discuss it with one of our service specialists when you bring your car to SWC Automotive.

After this easy and basic inspection, all that’s left is to pack your bags, grab some yummy snacks and head off on down the road on your adventure.

If you require any assistance in getting your car road trip ready, or simply have a question, please Call us at SWC Automotive in Bronte, Ontario, Canada. We are ready to assist 905-637-4300

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