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Welcome to SWC Automotive

Our aim is to transform the traditional experience of automotive service for every customer. Since 2003 we’ve sought to provide honest, hassle free, superior service to everyone. With a staff of experienced, professional Licensed Technicians, SWC Automotive provides expert vehicle computer diagnostics as well as complete auto repairs ranging from engine and transmission replacement to digital wheel alignments and brake system service.

We provide personalized customer service and use up-to-date tools and equipment to meet the needs of today’s complex vehicle technologies.

Come by anytime to meet our friendly staff and experience what exceptional automotive service is all about!

We are Burlington’s BEST Auto Repair and Service Facility!

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Our Customer Reviews

I had a flat tire and called around to have tire fixed but companies I called would not and did not answer phone I called SWC automotive and said stop by and they will look at They fixed within 1 hours and on my way Thanks for the great service You need automotive service they are the experts

Glenn Ritchie Feb 2, 2024

Such friendly people. Gave me excellent advice and service. Highly recommend!!

A.T. Robinson Feb 2, 2024

Always very affordable and honest work with quick turn arounds. Very frequent and comprehensive communication and great attention to detail on every vehicle, new or old. The inspection report you get every time they have your car in, is a big plus; super helpful to plan ahead for maintenance and bigger repairs. 10/10 would recommend, have been bringing both our cars to them for a few years.

Nate Snow Apr 4, 2023

Very professional and trustworthy.

Dion Marchand Jan 1, 2024

SWC has been servicing my vehicle for over 5 years and they have never “steered” (lol) me wrong. Professional, courteous, honest. I will refer my friends to you anytime! Now bringing in the newest car member our Mazda to be seen at SWC as well ! Thanks team!!

Susan Albin May 5, 2023

Excellent over and above service as always

John Walters Jan 1, 2024

Really great service with kind and friendly staff. Fair price thrown in makes this auto repair show worth a visit.

Della Sullivan Jan 1, 2024

Great service, both technical and customer care.

Daniel Piros Jan 1, 2024

Just simply outstanding.They dont overcharge and provides high quality service. 5 Star plus from me.

Yousuf Riyadh Jan 1, 2024

We discovered SWC this week, and found this firm to be extraordinary. The receptionist/ staff were very professional and courteous. Service was thorough and on time. Each service activity was thoroughly explained. After service was done the mechanic went over the vehicle from front to back, at no additional charge, and completed a detailed sheet for our records, including photographs, all sent to our home computer.. The reception/waiting area are very comfortable, with TV, magazines, snacks and coffee - all gratis. ————————————————————————————- The above paragraph was a reflection of our first time at SWC a little while ago. We were VERY impressed. Now just the other day we brought our 98 Jeep in for inspection and small repair. We asked for an overview of what may be needed with regard to suspension and steering. Once again we were very impressed with the significant examination and detailed report. The service and examination was very thorough. Once again, your shop offered and gave top drawer service. Thanks again!!! Rob and Rose R. Treleaven Burlington

Rob Treleaven Oct 10, 2023

Customer service impeccable and provide a very thorough report complete with photos. Constant updates and courtesy car a bonus. They are definitely my “go to” for auto repairs. Glad I listened to so many others who praised their work and customer service..


Nice to know you can still find an automotive repair shop that you can trust. Friendly service and a loaner car available, what more can you ask . Suspension repair completed and guaranteed at a reasonable cost. Next up is an oil change. See Yah Soon !

Robert Cully Jan 1, 2024

Friendly and they do great work.

Kyle Rickward Jan 1, 2024

Brought the car in late Thursday and 15 minutes later was out the door in a loaner and on my way. Car was fixed fast and right! would recommend to anyone...

Steve Scott Jul 7, 2021

Amazing customer service from start to finish! Attention to ensuring first time right. Highly recommend and will definitely be our go to going forward!

Nadene Holland Jun 6, 2023

Thanks so much to the best shop anywhere. Thanks Steve and Fred for the assist today and getting our battery problem figured out and resolved. You guys are the Best!

Peter Early Dec 12, 2023

Great mechanic! Had a very good experienxce, friendly, knowlegable and upfront. Fixed my car issues promptly band did not try to oversell service, they did what is needed to be done and offered recommendations.

Walter Migliaro Dec 12, 2023

Great service! They booked the service right away when I was so frustrated with Mercedes dealership. SWC started working on my car the same day and they sent me a detailed report after diagnostic test completed. They provided me a loaner car. Steven patiently explained what needed to be done and my car was ready by 3 pm same day. Car is fixed and I’m so glad I found SWC. Thank you for providing such a professional and great service.

Mahtab Riahi Dec 12, 2023

Fabulous care.- very nice and friendly service..Great job as always. Wonderful staff

Anne Ellerbeck Feb 2, 2021

Always excellent, professional and friendly service at SWC!

Suzie Noel Nov 11, 2022

Great mechanic for all needs for my Hybrid Toyota. Service is top notch and scheduling is prompt. I am glad I switched from Dealer to SWC!

D Rad Nov 11, 2023

Easy, friendly service on our new used 2012 Jeep! Tire puncture repair and handbrake service. Quick turnaround, good pricing knowledgeable staff!

Stephen Grannell Nov 11, 2023

Best mechanic in town, I am never worried about leaving my car with them. Very knowledgeable!

Jonathan Bosscher Nov 11, 2023

Great Service! Their staff is very professional, efficient and of course friendly. They take their job seriously, and caring their customers in details. I will definitely come back again!

Apple Nov 11, 2023

Very professional and friendly front desk people. They communicate clearly and accomodate my needs perfectly. I have complete trust in them and the mechanics are as professional and work in a timely manner. Excellent shop for car needs and repairs.

Karen Millar Oct 10, 2021

Awesome customer service. Professional and honest.

Alvan Farnahad Nov 11, 2023

I'm very satisfied with the work you have done on my vehicle. The staff are very pleasant when entering the building.

Don Lowe Oct 10, 2022

reliable, good prices excellent service 1000% recommended Service that goes above and beyond

michell urena Aug 8, 2021

Good work, nice people.

Patricia Vachliotis Oct 10, 2023

They are very nice people, very professional and their car conditions report is exceptional well prepared which helps me to understand my car better. Thanks a lot for your great service.

Sue Fu Oct 10, 2023

I went in not knowing much about cars, and left knowing exactly what needed to be repaired and why. The pictures and videos you took and showed me were great. I could trust that I genuinely needed those repairs and wasn't left wondering if I really needed something they recommended. Clayton at the front desk was very patient and made sure I understood everything. Amazing customer service! Burlington's hidden gem! I have no idea how Daniel S. in the reviews could be even remotely correct in his/her review... To me reading it, it sounds like they were trying to take advantage of SWC and get some free services. In fact, I have been bringing my car to the dealership for a few years, and they have never pointed out any safety hazards or safety maintenance. I bring it to SWC and they actually did a proper inspection and found some serious things that the dealership has missed over the years which would have possibly caused an accident and "killed" me or others.... They showed me pics and videos of my parts vs. what they should look like or be installed like; even took me to my car to show me. So in my mind they have possibly saved my life. I think Daniel is waaaaay far off in their evaluation of SWC. The waiting area was clean and welcoming with a fire place and big screen tv, and every single employee there was super nice and professional! I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Don't judge them by one poor review that is grossly exaggerated. #ignorethebadreview #SWCisamazing #idontoverusehashtags @swcautomotive Sidenote.... this person's fb is FILLED with complaints about pretty much everything they do and everywhere they go, which completely makes them less credible.... and they purchased parts from an online shopping site... and not an automotive one.

Cindy Moore May 5, 2019

Great customer service and excellent quality. Staff are professional and reliable. Thanks

Ron Moore Oct 10, 2020

Honest, reliable. Quality work. Did the wheel bearing replacement, brakes, fuel filler neck, Evap diagnostics.

Alec C Oct 10, 2023

I few months ago I was looking for an automotive business that could help me with an ongoing but annoyingly sporadic problem with my 9 year old vehicle. I had received advertising material from SWC & was drawn to their philosophy on customer service. After doing my due diligence & checking them out I decided they may just be the place I had been looking for to be my "go to" business where I felt comfortable & confident that they would be fair & honest. As a senior woman I have not always felt at ease in the world of automotive repair but Sandra, Steve , Fred and the rest of the SWC gang worked diligently to locate and fix the problem. The way they adressed & handled any problems which arose in determining exactly what the problem was spoke volumes for their integrity, patience & generosity of spirit & has renewed my faith that there are reputable business folks out their who do value their customers & do their very best to provide quality service. They will be my "go to" folks in the future. Sandy M.

sandy manweiler Oct 10, 2023

Great service

Brent Vinthers Sep 9, 2023

Wonderful customer service.

Tanya Sheehan Sep 9, 2023

A shockingly pleasant experience, considering we all hate paying for car maintenance. From the reception, I went in without an appt, through the inspection and ultimately the work required, I was kept in formed of my choices and options. Could not have dealt with nicer people. Their rates are fair and the work exceptional. I almost look forward to going back.

Paul Hammill Sep 9, 2023

Great service and amazing people! HIGHLY RECOMMEND SWC Auto. More power!!!

Philip Ytac Sep 9, 2023
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