Assistance with Social Distancing

Assistance with social distancing - Early Bird / Night Drop off Service. After hours assistance

March & April Assistance


For the remainder of March and April 2020 to assist in these times, we will be offering FREE pick-up and delivery of our client’s vehicles for repairs, maintenance or service from within the Burlington area. 

We have spoken to clients that want and need to keep their vehicles maintained and reliable for when this situation is over. The precaution of social distancing is making this a bit challenging. In order to help, should you need any repairs, maintenance or services to your vehicle, we will gladly be picking up and dropping it off for free.

Our staff is using protective equipment and products wherever possible while in contact with your vehicle. Example; Seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats as well as personal coverage such as gloves.

Before we deliver the vehicle back to you, we will clean and disinfect all the high touch surfaces as well as your keys.

This way, if you need your vehicle serviced or repaired, you’re in good hands!

Also, as you may or may not know, since day one, we have offered an afterhours vehicle drop –off and pick-up service. We understand it is not always easy for our clients to take the time out of their busy work schedule, childcare or fighting rush hour traffic, to be here during our open hours. With these new precautions in place and everyone doing their part (thank you), we understand that some things automotive can’t wait and clients still require the use of their vehicles in these times. Rest assured we are here for you! We have taken extra internal precautions to ensure a clean and safe working environment, limiting contact and “EXTRA” care is definitely being taken in our customer area.

How do I book an appointment?

Call or text 905-637-4300 or book your appointment online at today.

“What do I do after booking my appointment, if I want to drop my vehicle off?”

1) Fill out an envelope, drop your keys in the “black box” located at the rear of our building.

2) We will communicate all details via phone, email or text.

3) Pay via phone or e-transfer when completed.

4) Pickup keys from lock box with supplied code, right below where you dropped them off.

It’s that easy!

We always LOVE to see our clients in person, but if it’s just your vehicle today, we understand :) 

We are here to serve and are available to work with you and your needs and preferences. 

I want to also thank everyone for supporting SWC Automotive. 

We have a long-standing history of caring for our customers and employees, recognizing they are the heartbeat of SWC Automotive. 

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We are privileged to serve you and our community and look forward to seeing you soon. 

Steven Muir
CEO, SWC Automotive