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Is Buying The Best Winter Tires Worth It?

Is Buying The Best Winter Tires Worth It?

‘’Are snow tires a worthwhile investment?’’ That’s probably a question you have asked yourself multiple times. You see, good tires are critical to road safety, and if you live in a place where it snows frequently, you have wondered whether winter tires are worth the cost.

Winter tires aren’t just a marketing trick that tire companies use to make you buy their tires. Snow tires are, in fact, much better than all-season tires for multiple reasons. Mainly they are designed to keep you safe in harsh winter conditions.  In this article, we will talk about whether it is a good choice for you to buy them.

Do Winter Tires Make Any Difference?

The first time you drove your car in a snowstorm, you were probably surprised by how out of control and hard to steer your vehicle felt, right?

Slipping and sliding were a real possibility, and you were anxious and worried about your safety. It almost felt like your car was wearing skates. And that is precisely why you need the best winter tires for your vehicle.

Here are the main benefits of having the best winter tires:

Increased safety: As we mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for winter tires to exist is the safety they provide for the driver in harsh road conditions. The best winter tires are made to maximize braking, steering, and control when the road is snowy or frozen.

Improved flexibility: When the temperature gets extremely low outside, your all-season tires can blow up because the tread rubber hardens. On the other hand, the best snow tires are more flexible and don’t become as hard.

Fewer insurance costs: This is important, especially if you live where snowstorms are prevalent. When you get a set of winter tires, let your broker know, and you will likely lower your insurance premium.

Reduced hydroplaning: Hydroplaning happens when your tires lose contact with the road surface, and it is extremely dangerous because you completely lose control of your vehicle. You can avoid hydroplaning with the best winter tires because of how they are made.

Now that you know about the benefits of winter tires, all that is left is finding a place to buy and install them. SWC Automotive has the solution for your car needs if you want the best winter tires.

Since 2003, our motto has been to provide honest, hassle-free, and superior service to our competitors. SWC Auto has a staff of highly experienced and licensed technicians to ensure you receive professional service and clearly understand what we are doing with your vehicle

We don’t just offer the best winter tires but also all-weather, summer, and all-season tires.


If you live in an area where winters get harsh, you can’t overlook the quality of your tires. You must get the best quality tires to have peace of mind and not worry about your safety even in the worst snowstorm.

Come by any time to meet our friendly staff or book an appointment today, and we will answer all your winter tires questions.

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